Emergency Services in Mathura

Mathura is among one of the holy and pilgrimage places in India. Across the year there is always a huge crowd of pilgrims who visit this place to see the beauty of temples and the spiritual environment all over the Mathura city. It is situated on the bank of River Yamuna. All the above reasons such as huge crowd and river Yamuna can lead to an emergency situation in this city. Therefore, there is always a requirement of the best means and techniques to deal such emergency situation when arrived. There are several measures which are already taken by the Uttar Pradesh government and disaster management department to handle an emergency situation, however, improvement is always welcomed.

Mathura Emergencies Phone numbers

An emergency situation is a situation when there is a threat or damage to any life, property, material or other types of materiality to people form the part of an emergency. These are divided into two parts one is avoidable and other is unavoidable. Unavoidable includes natural calamities such as earthquake, flood, typhoons, fire and other natural happenings, the controllable part includes chemical reactions and leakage, accidents, sickness, riots, nuclear reactions, any criminal act, etc. All these contributes to an emergency situation in a city of Mathura, therefore, in order to fight them there are special and dedicated department who holds the responsibility to deal with such situations with the help of local public if required. They have proper training and equipments to deal with any of the above mentioned situation.

There are several visitors from all over India and even from entire world, therefore, it becomes more important that Mathura is full fledged with the safety measures to ensure the safety of all the pilgrims in this city. Any situation that has impact on the society as a whole forms the shape of an emergency, this situation if not controlled may surely lead to greater damage and other things are also impacted such as economy, living standard, development, environment, etc.

However, with the advancement in technology the impact of an emergency has been reduced to a large extent. Now, it is possible to forecast the situation if any and take remedial steps to control or reduce the impact of the same. There are several rescue teams have been formed to actively participate in any rescue operations at the time of emergency or damage to life. They have full training and experience in handling such situations. They are equipped with all the equipments that will make their work easier and safer. Local people of Mathura are also trained on for such situations and are formed in group or social clubs. Apart from this several police stations, fire service stations and hospitals are located in every part of the city to facilitate prompt and relevant assistance when required.

Furthermore, there is a requirement of eye watching facilities, proper inspection of situation and forecasting are required frequently along with communicating the same with the public is required so that they can be prepared for the same. Above grievances can be addressed directly to any below mentioned department on the below provided contact details.

Ambulance Helpline
  • Sisaudiya Ambulance Service, Arya Ngr, Kosi Kalan, Mathura - 281403, Phone no.: 9219887262, 9219743724, 9027129155
  • Kailash Sharma Ambulance, Maheshwari Hospital, Gokul Restaurant, By Pass Delhi Rd, Mathura Ho, Mathura - 281001, Phone no.: 9690216716, 9568729731, 8445959360
  • Rawat Ji Ambulance Wale, Burman Nursing Home, Sadar Road, Mathura - 281002, Phone no.: 9219743780, 9634287720
  • Mahesh Ambulance, Chouhan Nursing Home, National Highway- 2, Kosi Kalan, Kosi Kalan, Mathura - 281403, Phone no.: 9760169697, 9761185749
Police helpline
  • L I U Mathura Ho, Mathura - 281001, (0565) 2403057
  • Barsana, Mathura - 281405, Phone no.: (05662) 246253
  • Vrandaban Gate, Mathura - 281001, Phone no.: (0565) 2442325
  • Superintendent Of Police, Police Station, Mathura City, Mathura - 281001, Phone no.: (0565) 2471368
  • Add Superintendent Of Police Mathura Ho, Mathura - 281001, (0565) 2406136
  • Mathura UP, Mathura - 281004, Phone no.: (0565) 2450088
  • Senior Superintendent Of Police, Mathura Ho, Mathura - 281001, Phone no.: 9454400298, (0565) 2505172
  • Barsana, Mathura - 281405, (05662) 2407982
  • K.J.S Police station, Gowardhan, Mathura - 281502, Phone no.: (0565) 2423713

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