Kusum Sarovar in Mathura

A famous religious site of Mathura, Kusum Sarovar is situated on River Yamuna banks. Kusum Sarovar is a 450-ft-deep reservoir of water which is believed to be from the era of Radha-Krishna. It is 60-feet-deep and marked by numerous stairs surrounding it on all sides. Kadamb Tree on which Lord Krishna used to play and hide is there in abundance all over, surrounding the sarovar.

Mathura Kusum Sarovar

Around 2 kilometers distance from Govardhan near sacred Radha kund, a magnificent group of structures was built by Jawahar Singh in the honour of Raja Suraj Mal, the famous king of Bharatpur. It being a simple pond but was constructed again by the king of Orchha City, Raja Veer Singh in 1735. After sometime, Raja Suraj Mal changed it into a garden for his queen Kishori Devi, making it an attractive and spectacular resting place. For this reason, Jawahar Singh considered it as a memento of his parents. The principle tomb is as big as 57-sq-feet, but most important part of the design is the plinth, which is at once bold in outline and delicate in finish. The Raja's monument is flanked on either side by one of somewhat less dimensions, commemorating of his queens, hansiyat Devi and Kishori Devi.

The wide spread terrace upon which they are based is 460 feet long, with a long pavilion serving as a visual treat at both ends. There are nine two-story kiosks of different outlines to underline the front area. Adjacent to Rani Hansiya's tomb is one comparatively small tomb in memory of a faithful attendant. Behind it, there is a large garden, and at front of it, there is an artificial lake, which is called the Kusum Sarovar. Its depth is, 460 sq. feet; there are flights of stone steps on both sides of lake which are divided into one bigger and four comparatively smaller side parts by artistic walls that are panelled and arcaded and stretch 60 feet in the water. On the northern side, some construction was started for the erection of Chhatri made for Jawahar Singh which was interrupted by Muhammaden ruler and then never restarted. On this particular side, the ghats of the lake mostly in ruins and it is believed that they were destroyed by Gosai Himmat Bahadur, soon after their construction was finished. He carried the materials of these ghats to Vrindavan to construct a ghat on his own name.

According to popular legends, Kusum Sarovar is the place where Radha, gopis and milkmaids used to come to pick flowers and to meet Lord Krishna. It is one of best places for swimming in the whole region. So one should keep some time to take a bath in this holy Sarovar.

The place offers serene, calm and peaceful environment that adds to its attraction. A whole evening can be spent here where one can roam around the serene grooves of kadamb trees. There are numerous small ashrams nearby. If there, one should not miss the evening aarti.

The tank or Sarovar is surrounded by magnificent architectural structures which were constructed by Jawahar Singh in memory of his father Suraj Mal. A simple earthen pond till 1675, it was properly built by ruler of Orcha, Veer Singh, after which Suraj Mal constructed a garden for his queen, converting it into a beautiful place. Afterwards, Jawahar Singh treated this place as his parent’s memorabilia and built astonishing structures.

The main tomb is 57 sq. feet in area. Its plinth is considered as the best part whose outlines are bold but finish is delicate. Adjacent to it are somewhat less dimensional structures for two queens, Hansiyat and Kishori. The interior of these buildings is also breathtaking. Walls are decorated with paintings and ceilings are highly decorated. These includes paintings on the lives of Jat kings and on the Lilaas of Lord Krishna.

The flight on each side of sarovar are divided into one central and four small side compartments by decorative walls running to a staggering 60 ft into the water.

Kusum Sarovar lies towards the right side of sacred parikrama path, nearly one and half mile from Radha Kund another sacred place. Lots of flowers (kusum) are here such as chameli, juhi, champa and mallika.

How to Reach Kusum Sarovar

Kusum Sarovar in Mathura can be reached easily by a taxi, auto rickshaw or private cars from any hotel or other major destinations of Mathura. It is around 26 kms from Mathura Junction Railway Station. While going from station, the route is to turn towards Bajrang Chouraha onto Mohali Road and after 1.2 km turn right on AH-1, NH-2. After another 2.1 km, turn left on major district road 94W. driving for around 19 kms, there will be a right turn towards Kusum Sarovar.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Kusum Sarovar would either be during pleasant weather of Feb-March, or during October to December when flowers are in full bloom.
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