Local Transport in Mathura

Mathura being a tourist den, the place is well equipped with all kinds of transport facility. Buses, cars, auto rickshaws, shared autos and cycle rickshaws are found easily from almost any corner of the city. Since the tourists usually stay in hotels and prefer to see the whole city in a day or two, the hotel themselves arrange private cab services.

Local Transport Mathura Tonga

You can reach Mathura via train services which will you drop off at the Mathura Railway Junction. The Taj Express running from Delhi is the fastest train and departs early morning 7:15 from Hazrat Nizammudin taking two hours. The tickets are available for as low as Rs 44.Trains also run from Agra, Bharatpur, Kota, and Sawai Madopur. A train from Agra will cost you something between Rs 26 to Rs 142 depending on your seat selection. Once you reach the railway station you won’t have to look for transport rather the transport will come to you. You will be flocked with people asking you to get into their taxis. Make sure you bargain well as the drivers use this opportunity to loot the pilgrims. If you prefer taking a car, you will be offered a driver too; you may or may not take it. Depending on your needs you will be charged either on the distance or half day or full day basis. If you are a foreigner it is recommended to take a small trip on the cycle rickshaw.

Most people prefer to take the bus which is also available amply throughout the city and at a very cheap rate and you also can be sure of getting the right price. There are both private as well as government-run buses available, but if you are looking for an air conditioned Volvo you will have to make prior bookings. The New Bus Stand runs buses on a half hourly basis to New Delhi and also to Jaipur. A trip to southern Delhi’s bus stand, Sarai Kale Khan Bus station, will cost you Rs 80 and it will be 30 rupees for a ninety minute-trip to Agra. The buses from old bus stand, which is close to the holi gate, will take you to Vrindavan and Govardhan.

Since Mathura, is a small town, with very thin roads you might be advised to take a Ghoda gadi or a cycle rickshaw. It will be an interesting experience and is suitable for a small journey around the temples. Two people can enjoy a 3 kilometre journey at a nominal cost of Rs 70.

The local transport in Mathura has been well arranged to make you indulge in the aroma of the incense stick and you will be in awe of the history and stories held by the city of Lord Krishna.
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