Mathura ke Pede

Mathura is known as the holy place and a tourist place, along with this it is also known for its delicious, mouth watering pede. The history of Mathura ke Pede is long years back. At present every visitor gets the opportunity to taste this, as it is offered as the prasad in every temple of Mathura and nearby areas such as Varsana, Vrindavan, etc except in the ISKCON Temple. This is the cheap sweet and is easily available in every sweet shop across the entire city of Mathura. This city is best known by the synonymous name as Mathura ke Pede.

Mathura ke Pede Sweets in Mathura

This dish is made of khoya (made from thickening the cow milk or buffalo) sugar, cardamom, pure ghee, this is a less time taking dish and can be easily prepared at every home. Mathura ka Peda is a dry sweet and can be easily carried to any place in box for a long time; it is durable for several days. It is said that the Mathura ke pede are so sweet and tasty that if you have a bit of it then you cannot stop from eating 3-4 piece at a time. They are now gaining importance all around the world due to the visitors from entire world who they take the pede to their country for their near and dear ones. Hence, they are now demanded highly by the foreign tourists when they get a chance to visit Mathura.

There are several famous and big shops which are known specially for this dish. Brijwasi Sweet Shop, Radhika Sweet Shop and several other sweet shops are available near temples and across the city. Brijwasi sweet has several outlets across the city and at important locations. They charge fixed price at every outlet and quality is unchanged. The recipe of this famous sweet dish is simple as the basic requirements are milk of cow or buffalo, it is heated till it becomes thick, in this process of thickening of milk special care is to be take so that it may not burn, after it is completed, it is again fried so that it may last long.

In this process frequent ghee or milk is added so that it may fry in its best way without burning. Properly fried khoya will smell great and will last long; the dish prepared will also be tasty. After khoya is complete other ingredients such as ghee, sugar and cardamom is added in a proportion. After this is mixed properly small and round laddoos are prepared after this they are pressed by hands to give the shape of pede.

Furthermore, it is believed that this dish is famous from the childhood of Krishna, as he had great love for curd and sweet dishes made of milk. Slow and steady the dishes prepared by milk products gained their importance in this area. Therefore, the Mathura is known by this dish name and the pede made here are better than the pede of the entire India. They hold their supremacy in this variety of sweet dish from the other parts of the country, because of their great demand and zeal of the local sweet shops preparing them.
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