Old Age Homes in Mathura

Mathura Old Age HomeThe concept of old age home is something out of the context for Indian culture. We have always been taught to find heaven in the feet of our parents. India has always been proud of its family culture, but slowly it has been on the decline. The materialistic lifestyle and the practical nature have left the younger generation with very little time to look after their parents. Many of them send their parents to old age homes thinking of them as liability.

When people visit Mathura they notice the beautiful Vishram Ghat, the Braj Bhoomi but they forget to notice the condition of the people living around them. Among all of them, the worst condition is that of the aged people. They neither have a job for their food nor a house for shelter. The number of people being admitted to old age homes has increased manifold. Especially the widows are usually found struggling to earn a living in the city of Lord Krishna, Mathura. A recent survey by the National Commission of Women has stated that 78 percent of the women were widows and 59 percent of the women belong to the senior citizen category.

One small tour around the city and you will witness many white sari wearing women and loin cloth wearing men lying on the streets or begging for a penny. Most of these aged people were brought here by their gurus and they now rely on the ashrams and the pilgrims for their daily bread. A few of them have accepted fate and have decided to go on with their life. Although, some of them are angry and disappointed with how life tuned out for them. But the people here live together as a family and care for each other. You will be surprised to see people sing and dance at some of the old age homes in Mathura.

But still many NGOs, institution and private organisations have sprung up in the city. Their objective is to provide safe havens for the aged where they can live their lives with self-respect, dignity and enjoy the last years at peace with themselves and the world. These institutes do what their own children couldn’t do, provide them with a happier life. Today there are many old age homes throughout Mathura for the betterment of the aged. One visit to any old age home will prove that Mathura is really a land of Lord Krishna and he is there taking care of the elderly in this town. Following are some of them.

Methodist Home for the Aged
CFC Community Development Centre Vrindaban
Mathura, Uttar Pradesh – 282121
Phone: 0565-442696, 442167

Help Age India in Mathura
Vrindavan main road
Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Jeev Jantu Gramen Seve Sansthan
Chowki Bagh Bahadur Mathura, Mathura Ho
Mathura, Uttar Pradesh – 281001
Ph: +(91)-9761000040

Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu Ashram
Sindhi Kutiya, Vrindavan, Gandhi Mg, Mathura
Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Ph: +(91)-565-2443262

Shri Balaji Asram Ramanreti
Vrindavan, Mathura Ho
Mathura, Uttar Pradesh – 281001
Ph: +(91)-565-2540424, 3292117

Anand Krishnavan
Madhuvancolony,Sunrkh Rosa,
Vrindavan, Mathura Ho
Mathura, Uttar Pradesh – 281001
Ph: +(91)-565-2540669, +(91)-9927904000

Mahila Bal Kalyan Evm Shiksha Samiti
Ranchi Bangar.Kadamb Vihar.
Mathura, Uttar Pradesh – 281001
Ph: +(91)-565-2431092, +(91)-9927412973
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