Sports in Mathura

Mathura is a city where there are several sports played at the local level. However, the young talents are always a part of the national and international games of different types. There is a famous saying that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", therefore, sports and entertainment is also important to keep body relaxed from the daily schedule life. Sports also generate a sense of creativity and healthy relations between people. Mathura city is the sports lover city where several sports such as gilli danda, the one of the famous entertainment and sport of Dahi Handi which is also related to the Lord Krishna's childhood activities, kabaddi, tennis, cricket, hockey, kite flying, wrestling, etc are played. These are the sports which enhance the beauty of the city, however, there are only few sports which are played at national level and most of these games are played at city level only.

Sport Activities in Mathura

There are several schools which actively indulge in sports and provide all the facilities to students to actively participate in sports like Cricket, Volley Ball, Tennis, Badminton, Football, Swimming, Basketball, Hockey, Chess, etc. These are the integral part of several schools and colleges in Mathura. In this city there is a continuous flow of sport events throughout the year. Several colleges in Mathura city providing proper facilities to their students to enhance their sporting talent and select them as their carrier.

Cricket in Mathura

Cricket is the famous and entertaining game and is played all over the Mathura city at local as well as city level. There are several cricket clubs which organize training facilities to the new generation and helps them to unlock potentials through proper training and coaching. They organize regular matches within the city to help players to get experience and reach the next level in this section of game. The cricket clubs are self established and get only little help from the government for their betterment and broadening.

Hockey in Mathura

Hockey is now emerging among the famous sports in Mathura city. New generation is also taking active participation in this sport other than the cricket. There are new associations to enhance the sports skill in new and energetic generation regarding the hockey. Vrindavan Hockey Association is one of the best association where proper training and expertise can be attained in this game.

Stadiums in Mathura

Mathura is a small city as compared to the metropolitan cities of India where sports are played at the national and international level. This city train people and provide them opportunities to show their talent at the national level and get selected at the international level. There are several stadiums in Mathura such as Mohan Memorial Stadium, Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, VCA Cricket Stadium, International Go Soku Ryu Karate Do Association and Chhatrasal stadium, etc where these games can be facilitated.

Sports Academy in Mathura

There are several small sports academies that provides proper training in sports. Sports Martial Art Academy is among the one that provide proper guidance and training in different sports and strives to develop new talent in the city.

Therefore, Mathura is also emerging as the sport city of India. New generation and talent of this city is actively participating in the different sports and shaping their carrier in their area of interest.
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