Transport in Mathura

Mathura is known for the temples and as a place of huge pilgrims visiting all over the year. It is most crowded city at the time of festivals and special occasions where pilgrims visit in huge number to offer prayers and spend holidays with their family members. It is the center of attraction from the ancient period and is continuing at present. It is gaining more importance due to the beautiful sites and areas surrounding that holds the holy importance and attachment with the childhood life of Krishna.

Transportation in Mathura

In order to facilitate such huge crowed every day there is a requirement of the best and properly maintained transport facility in Mathura. There are sufficient transport vehicles that are available every time and provide transportation to the nearby places along with traveling within the city. The transport is very important to cover all the part of city and places near it, as people visiting this place will also visit other places such as Vrindavan, Barsana, etc. There are several vehicles which operate only in the city and do not travel outside. Further, several taxis and cabs are available for other purpose to travel to outside city to nearby villages and holy places.

Local Transportation in Mathura

This city is well connected by the rail and road from entire county. Uttar Pradesh transport Corporation also provide several bus services to different cities of the country. Train runs from Mathura to other important cities providing the transport facilities to pilgrims. Apart from this, entire city is also connected by the local transport systems and vehicles such as auto rickshaw, cycle rickshaw, ghoda gadi, tonga, etc are the cheap and easily available transport facilities in Mathura. The charges of these transport vehicles vary from Rs 5 to Rs 20 depending on the distance covered. They act as guide to city and help people in reaching their destiny even if they do not know the place or address. They are best preferred by visitors who visit the nearby places such as Vrindavan that have narrow roads.

Besides, people also prefer to travel by their conveyance such as bikes and cars as per their comfort and time taken in travel.

Bus Transportation in Mathura

Mathura city has government operated inter-state buses along with the private bus operators who provide local transport within the Mathura city and to the nearby locations. They connect the city to national highway 28 and 29 along with major cities and states of the country.

Challenges in Transportation in Mathura

Apart from facilities there are several challenges which the people traveling to Mathura have to face. They are as follows:
  • Local auto rickshaw and cycle rickshaw charge uneven charges to the visitors which depends on the knowledge of the area by the visitor.
  • Uneven parking of vehicles in entire city leads to jams and blocks the major part of the road and leads to traffic problems.
  • Lack of modern techniques to control the traffic along with traffic police are not in required number.
  • Most of the roads of the nearby areas have narrow roads which created hesitation in autos and cabs and leads to charge extra money.
  • Shortage of cabs, taxis and buses as compared to the crowed traveling to this place.

Action Plan

There are several action plans which are undergoing with the mutual undertaking of the state government and local administrative bodies that will reduce the challenges in special occasions and festivals. Several new cabs, buses are introduced for certain period to cover the extra crowed in the city.
  • New parking areas are made all around the city to absorb high number of vehicles in the city.
  • Several new licenses are provided to cabs, auto rickshaws and other private transporters.

Moreover, with the introduction of new travel agencies and other private dealers have reduced the transport problems in the city.
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